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This is what the LORD, who saves you,
the Holy One of Israel, says:
"I am the LORD your God, who teaches you
to do what is good, who leads you
in the way you should go."
(Isa. 48:17)
A Daily Reflection Of His Word:  A Basic Journaling Guideline For Your Quiet Time
Christian Publications Meditating on God's Word,
and seeking His direction
~ created and provided by Cypress Ministries ~
From a Reflections of His Heart Series ©
Something to think about before starting your reading time in God's Word: In reflections of God's nature and who He reveals Himself to be, in this season of your life, today who do you need God most as? 

Mighty,   Provider,    Friend,    Protector,   Deliverer,   Guide,   Counselor

God's word promises to be a light for us. What step do you need God to shine on for you today?

*Don't forget to come back and thank Him for any directions He gives you in answer to your prayer.

  • In Today’s word from God, how did He most reveal Himself to you? (For example: Mighty, Forgiving, Faithful…)

  • In Today's word from God, what verse (or verses) spoke most to your heart?

  • How did God speak to your heart in this, and in what way can you apply this to your life? (For example: was it convicting, comforting, enlightening...)

  • Was there something you found that you can tab as a reflection from His heart? (A life long promise to hold to; A promise for this season that you are in; A warning to remember, A command to stop, something for you to do or your purpose-- life's work; A revelation about God Himself and who He is-- SEE TIP #2 FOR COLOR CODING HIDDEN TREASURES)
PRAYING FROM GOD’S WORD: Take your reply and write out a brief personal prayer using the verses that spoke most in your heart.
Evening Reflections
Morning Meditations
Believing He has been there:
Know and believe that God has been with you all day. Our God promises to walk with us and to go before us. He never leaves us to deal with life alone.
  • Briefly write down: What was the worst thing that happened to you today?

  • Looking at it from God’s view, what is one positive thing you can say about your worst thing?

  • What was the best thing that happened to you today?

  • What was something that made you smile today?

Covered in Prayer Write out a personal prayer for this evening again using scripture from God's word today (Is there a loved one, or someone God has put on your heart to pray for?)
Always remember what is written in the Book of Teachings. Study it day and night to be sure to obey everything that is written there.
If you do this, you will be wise and successful in everything.
~ Joshua 1:8 ~
Take a moment to revisit your notes from this morning, and read again the verses that spoke to you most profoundly.
  • Were you able to see any confirmations from what you read in His Word this morning?

  • How did His Word make a difference in your life today? How is God working in your heart to seed His Word in you?

  • What is He teaching you? How are you beginning to see from His heart the message He is working in you?
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(Each journal is different, so it doesn't matter which month you start!) Each guide has a daily Bible reading guide, along with the daily reflections journaling page; PLUS a monthly overview for you to think about in preparing your heart to meet His, a devotional lesson from our Listening Heart series, and an end of month recap for you to journal your special sightings on how God has shown His handprints in your life. Making each month's guide a treasured keepsake recording your personal walk with God as you go deeper in His Word and learn to see the reflections of His Heart.

If you do all 12 journals, then you will have journeyed through the WHOLE BIBLE!
So often in the morning we will read something from His Word, or from a devotional that really impacted us, but as we go about the rest of the day, we lose sight of it, and then after awhile God's message He gave us never really has a chance to become rooted in us to make a difference.

The following study tip is a sample journaling guideline intended to help you go deeper in His Word, and let it truly become a reflection of HIS HEART.
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The above journaling guide is taken from "Reflections of His Heart" study series written by Cypress Ministries. © Copyrighted 2011 All rights are resevered. For more information on this series CLICK HERE.
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