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(Isa. 48:17)
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Biblical Insights:
Growing Deeper In God's Word
from our "Growing With God" series
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~ About the Growing With God series:

This series is based on John 15 and Matthew 13. God is the vinedresser, and we are the vines that He has planted. However if we do not stay “rooted in Him” then we will cease to grow. Jesus said, “if you abide in Me, and My Word abides in you….”  His Word, however, cannot abide in us if  the soil of our heart is hardened, it takes constant nurturing, tilling and weeding, if we want our hearts to remain good fertile ground that will bear fruit for the glory of God. Not only will this help us to bear much fruit, but we will also flourish like a Palm tree planted by God (Ps. 92:12-13; Ps. 1:3; and Jer. 17:8).

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Growing in God's Word

◊ Judges: The Cycles of Oppression and Deliverance of God’s People
This Book shows how quickly God’s people forget what had been done for them as they turn away from God to follow other beliefs after the elders die. This Book witnesses the deterioration of Israel’s faith and fortunes. However, this Book also shows God’s willingness to forgive and restore His people. When they cry out to Him, He raised up judges to lead His people and to deliver them from enemy forces.
  • This Book covers the cycles of Oppression (and deliverance) though the life of 12 Judges God raises up, and one (whom is self-appointed) and makes his claim of leadership through money and the murdering of his brothers.

Author:  No author is named for this writing, though some do believe that Samuel possibly wrote it, while he was a judge.  However, there is no real evidence to back this up, the Talmud—Tractate Bater Bathra; does ascribe it to Samuel.
  • Talmud: Jewish commentaries. Talmud means “study” or “learning” and refers to the rabbinic Judaism in the teaching (and opinion) is taught to their disciples from their predecessors.
> The word Talmud is most commonly used in Judaism to refer specifically to the 
                 digest of Commentary on the Mishrah, which is a codification or oral legal
                 teachings on the written laws of Moses.

Key People Are: Othniel, Ehud, Deborah, Barak, Gideon, Abimelek, Jephthah, Samson, Delilah

Outline Summary:
I)Introduction to the Period of Judges (1-2)
II)The Ups & Downs throughout the Time of Judges (3-16)
III)The Fall into Idolatry and Moral Degration (17-21)

The 12 Judges Were:
  • Otheniel of Judah (3:7-11)
  • Edud of Benjamin (3:12-30)
  • Shamgar; no tribe is listed (3:31)
  • Deborah of Ephraim was considered the Judge,
> while Barak of Naphtail led the people into battle (4:1--- 5:31)
  • Gideon of Manasseh (6:1---9:57)
> See also Gideon’s son Abimelech
  • Tola of Issachar (10:1-2)
  • Jair of Gilead (10:3-5)
  • Jephthah of Gilead (10:6-12)
  • Ibzan of Zebulon (12:8-10)
  • Elon of Zebulon (12:11-12)
  • Abdon of Ephriam (12:13-15)
  • Samson of Dan (13:1---16:31)

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