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"I am the LORD your God, who teaches you
to do what is good, who leads you
in the way you should go."
(Isa. 48:17)
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Biblical Insights:
Growing Deeper In God's Word
from our "Growing With God" series
~ About the Growing With God series:

This series is based on John 15 and Matthew 13. God is the vinedresser, and we are the vines that He has planted. However if we do not stay “rooted in Him” then we will cease to grow. Jesus said, “if you abide in Me, and My Word abides in you….”  His Word, however, cannot abide in us if  the soil of our heart is hardened, it takes constant nurturing, tilling and weeding, if we want our hearts to remain good fertile ground that will bear fruit for the glory of God. Not only will this help us to bear much fruit, but we will also flourish like a Palm tree planted by God (Ps. 92:12-13; Ps. 1:3; and Jer. 17:8).

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Growing in God's Word

◊ Deuteronomy: A Look Back at the Past 40 Years
Now that the 1st generation of the people God brought out of Egypt have all died (due to disbelief), the Israelites once again reach the edge of their Promised Land. Moses then recounts the events of the past 40 years to remind them of God’s faithfulness. A majority of this Book is comprised of farewell speeches as Moses states what God expects of His people, and gives a blessing to the 12 tribes of Jacob. Moses also anoints Joshua as the new leader and dies, being buried by God Himself.
  • This Book covers the 11th month of their 40th year in the desert. The 12th month is spent in mourning over Moses’ death. Isn’t it inspiring that in his final weeks, Moses used this time to prepare God’s people for what was fixing to come?
  • On a side note: The Israelites enter the Promised Land in the 1st month of the 41st year after the Exodus.

Author: It is commonly believed that Moses was the author of this Book (and there seem to be many places in Scripture that backs this up). However, obviously someone else had to record chapters 32:48—34:12 later after he died.
Setting: The east side of the Jordan River, in view of Canaan (which is the Promised Land).

Key People Are: Moses and Joshua

Outline Summary:
I)Moses’ Review of Their Historical Journey (1:1---4:49)
a.Moses gives an account of what happened from the time they left Horeb (Mount                  Sinai), until they camped in the valley opposite of Beth-Peor, which is at the foot                     of Mount Nebo.
II)Moses Talks of Legal Matters (5:1---26:19)
III)Moses Gives Prophetic Words (27:1---30:20)
IV)Final Moments (31:1---34:12)

Other Note:
The name Jeshurn (seen in Deut. 32:15) means “the upright one.”


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